Community theatre

I am founder and artistic director of a weekly community theatre group in Bedford (UK). Kempston Community Theatre was established in 2013 to bring together people of the local community in a spirit of play and celebration.

The community theatre is primarily focused on learning to be creative and spontaneous with a group of like minded people in a safe, relaxed and playful environment. Group members can expect to develop acting, improvisation and devising skills, as well as the skills to respond openly to a range of situations. The group is also a social opportunity to gain in confidence, learn, accept and value one another.

The community theatre group is open to all regardless of abilities or previous experience of theatre. It aims at creating innovative and original productions that also seek to actively engage audiences.

Kempston Community Theatre was featured in the Beds on Sunday on the 8th September 2013.

Some feedback from the members:

‘It has been brilliant: fun, educational, cohesive, confidence building and we all feel very close to each other, as a result of the shared experience’

‘It has been better than I expected! It has enabled me to explore and develop aspects of drama and theatre work in a friendly, relaxed, fun and open environment’

‘I never thought we would create a play that would be as professional and interesting as the one we performed’

‘Age and acting experience are not relevant as we can learn from each other and help to draw out the best in each other’

Kempston Community Theatre is on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Instagram.



Kempston Community Theatre performed their first promenade production ‘The Mountain Language’ by H. Pinter on the 11th and 12th September 2013 at The Keep in Kempston (Bedford).

‘Powerful, emotional, beautiful. Setting and moving the audience around was excellent. Captured my interest from start to finish. One of my all time favourite experiences at the theatre!’

‘How lovely to see a group being adventurous! It was obvious that you have grown together as a group, established trust and respect and were confident in your performances’

‘Fab setting, interactive and moving. Well done all!’



Original adaptation of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales performed as part of Bedford Festival Fringe 2014 on the 16th and 17th July. The play was performed across two different sites amongst which one in the open air. The production gave the audience a unique travelling experience that also confronted them to other tales based on real life stories associated with the theme of journeys.

‘Witty, Spell binding and great fun!’

‘We absolutely loved it!’


‘COME AND GO’ (2015)

Original adaptation of this brief one act play by Samuel Beckett performed on the 2nd September 2015 in Kempston (Bedford).

‘One of the best performances I have seen by a non-professional company’


ANNA‘ (2016)

Original play entirely devised by members of the company and performed on the 27th July 2016 in Kempston (Bedford). This performance was largely unscripted and improvised.

‘Anna’ tells the story of a young woman affected by the austerity measures that reinforce her own sense of precarity and vulnerability. The play is an invitation to reflect on the impact of austerity on individual lives and on the way we live as a society.

Very thought provoking

‘Well staged and thought about


For further information about the group and how to join, please refer to my contact details on the contact page.

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