Creative Couple Therapy

Creating and keeping a healthy, loving and nourishing relationship as a couple can be very challenging. What seemed to be true at some point in a relationship can suddenly change in a way that could not have been anticipated. Equally, the weight of individual past history and experience can find its expression in the life of a couple in ways that can be very destructive unless approached with care and empathy.

I provide creative couple therapy to address the following issues:

  • Connection and mutual understanding
  • Communication and sharing
  • Trust
  • Anger and destructive behaviours
  • Managing conflicts and disputes
  • Managing new responsibilities i.e. becoming a parent or a carer
  • Loss and grief
  • Work life balance
  • Intimacy

As part of this work, I make use of creative techniques and exercises to explore and resolve the issues that will have been brought to therapy.

The therapy is usually short-term (6 to 8 weeks) but may vary depending on the complexity of the issues.

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