Play/Time Lab

Play/Time is a creative lab that gives participants an opportunity to engage in spontaneous play in a spirit of conviviality, acceptance and joy.

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Play is an essential part of human development that somehow gets lost as we grow older. Play enables us to engage with our inner sense of creativity and imagination, whilst engaging with others in a shared moment of fun. There are numerous evidences showing that nurturing a sense of play is essential for our mental well-being and our ability to build relationships with others.

Play/Time Lab provides a framework that enables participants to engage with others in spontaneous and improvised playfulness within safe and agreed boundaries. There is no agenda or expectations in Play/Time. Participants learn to accept whatever emerges from the playful encounter with others. Play/Time enables the creation of unique playful moments that produce laughter, wonder, magic and surprise. Play/Time does not require any specific skills other than a willingness to be playful!

The Lab is open to all regardless of abilities, experience or background.

Play/Time Labs have been offered as part of the

– Community Psychology Festival at Hertford Theatre (September 2018)

– Bedford Festival Fringe 2018 at The Quarry Theatre (July 2018)

– Bedford Festval Fringe 2017 at The Quarry Theatre (July 2017)


Community Psychology Festival, September 2018