My name is Jean-François Jacques. I am a dramatherapist, clinical supervisor, performance maker, author and researcher.

As a therapist and supervisor, I am dedicated to offering the highest quality service to help address and meet the specific needs of individuals and groups.

As a theatre maker and artist, I am driven by a passion for creativity, the way it can change a life and its ability to connect people.

I currently provide individual dramatherapy for adults and young people, individual clinical supervision for professionals in the health, social and arts sectors, and also facilitate the Theatre of Lived Experience and Play/Time Lab workshops. Details of these services can be found by clicking on the menu bar.

I strongly believe in the transformative and healing potential of theatre and play, and their ability to express and communicate emotions and feelings in a way that leads to greater awareness and understanding. I also enormously value how a positive and meaningful relationship promotes growth and change in individuals.

My practice is in Bedford (Bedfordshire) which is easily accessible from Cambridge, Milton Keynes, St Albans, Luton, Northampton.

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