I am originally from Belgium where I initially studied politics. I came to the UK in 1997 and qualified as a dramatherapist in 2005 following an enlightening experience with Augusto Boal. Since 2007, I have been working as a dramatherapist in a specialised community adult mental health service in the National Health Service in Hertfordshire. I provide individual and group dramatherapy for individuals with a wide range of emotional difficulties. Over the years I have also delivered a large number of dramatherapy and creative interventions for vulnerable and marginalised individuals with the aim of helping them to improve health and well-being. This has included working alongside adults with learning disabilities, adults on the autistic spectrum, adults with addiction problems, families and young children, and refugees and asylum seekers.

I am currently undertaking doctoral research at Anglia Ruskin University where I was an invited lecturer on the MA programme in Dramatherapy between 2011 and 2016. My current area of research is in autobiographical performance, meaning, intersubjectivity and spectatorship.

I am registered as a dramatherapist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and practice in accordance with their standards of ethics and professional practice.

I am a Certified Group Work Practitioner with the Institute of Group Analysis in London where I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Group Analytic Studies. I also completed the first level of training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT). I have extended training in the art form of theatre. I am particularly interested in physical and embodied approaches to devising and performing.

I am actively involved in the devising of theatre performances that seek to foster dialogue within and between communities. In 2013, I founded Kempston Community Theatre Co., a community theatre company aimed at creating innovative and engaging theatre by, for and about the community. The company is open to anyone interested in developing acting, improvisation and performance skills regardless of experience or abilities. To this date, I have produced and directed ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2017, The Place Theatre, Bedford), ‘Anna’ (2016, Kempston East Methodist Church, Bedford), ‘Come and Go’ (2015, Kempston East Methodist Church, Bedford), ‘The Canterbury Tales and Other Travelling Tales’ (2014, Bedford College and other locations, Bedford Festival Fringe), ‘The Mountain Language’ (2013, The Keep, Bedford).

I co-founded Indefinable Theatre Company, co-directed and performed in ‘Wishful Thinking’ (2009, 176 Gallery, Camden) and ‘A Kind of Alaska’ (2010, Friends’ Meeting House, Kentish Town).


(2013-2017) Group dramatherapy programme at Rekindling House, psychological and rehab therapy service for people with drug and alcohol problems in Luton

(2010) Dramatherapy programme with Afghani unaccompanied minors: ‘Developing personal narratives, identity and belonging’ (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust). The project evaluation report can be accessed here.

(2008) Dramatherapy treatment programme at Brookdale Care for adults on the autistic spectrum


(2008) Practice development drama workshop aimed at examining the impact of a theatre performance devised and performed by mental health service users on improving care practice and mental health service delivery (CNWL NHS Foundation Trust)

(2007) Practice development drama workshop part of ‘Learning in and from Practice: A Practice Development Project across the Mental Health Directorate’ aiming at improving knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence of staff within mental health services through action learning and arts based interventions (Portsmouth City NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust)

(2006-2007) ‘Mental Health Service User Involvement Through Drama’: original theatre production and performance of ‘Call for Rescue’ by members of the Harrow User Group with the support of Mind in Harrow.





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