Consultancy and Trainings

I provide bespoke workshops and trainings for organisations, practitioners or trainees in the fields of creativity, personal and team development, arts, health and therapeutic practice.

I work with organisations in the public, voluntary and private sectors to address identified needs and develop creative strategies, alternatives and solutions for sustainable futures. I help organisations to identify and work through conscious and unconscious dynamics that affect the performance and the functioning of the work group. I use creative, active and visual methods as catalysts to unravel these dynamics and create new possibilities and solutions.

I help organisations to address issues such as:

  • communication and presentation skills
  • group relations
  • team building
  • work ethics and values
  • group morale and motivation
  • conflict resolution
  • organisational development and planning

Examples of previous consultancy workshops and programmes that I led and delivered:

  • ‘Reflecting through play’: workshop with Space 229 (youth support service in Bedford) aimed at developing play strategies to support vulnerable young people and to diffuse crisis
  • Organisational development programme with Portsmouth City NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust aimed at improving the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence of staff within mental health services through action learning and arts based interventions
  • Practice development drama workshop with CNWL NHS Foundation Trust aimed at improving care practice and mental health service delivery following the performance of a theatre piece devised and performed by mental health service users
  • ‘Meaningful Involvement of Service Users in Care’: original theatre production, entitled Call for Rescue, devised and performed by members of the Harrow User Group with the support of Mind in Harrow to address the issue of stigma attached to mental health.

Examples of other trainings I delivered:

  • ‘Story Making in Assessment and Therapy’, Arts Therapies CPD programme. Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (2020)
  • ‘Trauma and Embodiment’, Arts Therapies CPD programme. Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (2019)
  • ‘Playing with Power’. Community Psychology Festival ‘I Am Because We Are’. The British Psychological Society (2018)
  • ‘The Actor, The Playwright, The Director and The Witness: Interchangeable Roles in the Therapeutic Relationship. A Dramatherapy Perspective on Recovery’. Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Allied Health Professions Conference (2011)
  • ‘Legislative Theatre: A Celebration of The Work of Augusto Boal’. British Association of Dramatherapists (2009)

Contact me to discuss the needs of your work group or organisation, or other training opportunities.