Playing with power

I am delighted to facilitate a workshop entitled ‘Playing with Power’ at the Community Psychology Festival in Hertford on Monday 24th September.


This workshop aims at exploring and addressing issues of power in community adult mental health care through improvisational play.

Play is an essential part of human development that enables us to engage with our inner sense of creativity and imagination, whilst engaging with others in a shared moment of fun.

Play also enables us to explore and reflect on issues affecting us personally and collectively. It opens renewed possibilities for awareness and transformation.

In this workshop, participants will be invited to reflect on issues of power in current community mental health delivery and provision through embodied action. It will give participants an opportunity to engage in spontaneous and improvised play as it emerges from their immediate interactions in a spirit of conviviality and acceptance.

The workshop provides a safe and contained structure to share moments of collective creativity, whilst helping us to reflect on how power dynamics and power relations affect our daily life.

Tickets and programme through the British Psychological Society website.