Book Chapters

Jacques, J. F. (2022), Aesthetics of Connection in the Performance of Lived Experience. In: R. Hougham, S. Scoble and M. Cao (Eds), Imagining Windmills: Trust, Truth and the Unknown in the Arts Therapies. London: Routledge

Imagining Windmills: Trust, Truth, and the Unknown in the Arts Therapies

Jacques, J. F. (2017), In Search of an Other: Otherness and Meaning in Performance. A Dramatherapy Perspective. In: R. Hougham, S. Pitruzzella and S. Scoble (Eds), Cultural Landscapes in the Arts Therapies. Plymouth: University of Plymouth Press

ECArTE book

Jacques, J. F. (2017), A Relational Approach to Trauma, Memory, Mourning and Recognition through ‘Death and the Maiden’ by Ariel Dorfman. In: L. Auestad (ed.), Shared Trauma, Silent Loss, Public and Private Mourning. London: Karnac


Jacques, J. F. (2016), Intersubjectivity in Autobiographical Performance in Dramatherapy. In: S. Pendzik, R. Emunah and R. D. Johnson (eds), The Self in Performance: Autobiographical, Self-Revelatory, and Autoethnographic Forms of Therapeutic Theatre. London: Palgrave McMillan